Hops & Grain Releasing Greenhouse IPA Cans Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 1.07.38 PMAustin-based brewery Hops & Grain is adding a fourth caned beer to their mainstay lineup this month with the addition of Greenhouse IPA.The new brew will hit shelves tomorrow.

Fans of the brewery may have noticed that H&G has actually brewed more than 18 different recipes under the moniker Greenhouse IPA over the last two years.Taking its name from the brewery’s 3BBL Greenhouse pilot system, the initial recipe the brewery decided to can will clock in at 7.6% ABV and about 55 IBUs.

“We are very excited to finally release an IPA in a can,” Hops & Grain Owner Josh Hare said in a recent press release. “Our first release will showcase a fairly new hop variety called Mosaic, full of intense grapefruit, earth and just the right amount of dank. We also blended in small amounts of Meridian and Nugget to help add some juiciness.”

In the same vein as Austin Beerworks’ Heavy Machinery IPA series, Greenhouse IPA’s packaging and name will remain consistent, but the hops used in the dry hopping process in the recipe will change every month, meaning there will be 12 different varieties of Greenhouse IPA released this year.

“We’ve been advocates of hops since day one at Hops & Grain and since we have a hard time deciding which one we like the best, we decided to create an IPA series that celebrates the wondrous contributions that different hop varieties provide,” Hare said. “Each release will showcase different hop varieties while maintaining the exact same grain bill, water profile, yeast strain and kettle hop additions. The only change we make for each release is with dry-hopping that is done after fermentation causing each release to be dynamically different in flavor and aroma.”

Since the beer’s packaging will not disclose exactly which hops the beer was dry hopped with, customers will be able to scan the QR code on each can to visit  www.hopsandgrain/green-house-ipa, which will provide that wisdom.

Greenhouse IPA will be available in the brewery’s taproom and at select retailers around Austin, with only 300 cases going out. Hops & Grain also has six events scheduled around town to showcase the new brew:

• Thursday, January 16th at 7PM: Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden
• Friday, January 17th at 6PM: Draught House Pub & Brewery
• Saturday, January 18th at 7PM: Hopfields
• Thursday, January 23rd at 7PM: Pinthouse Pizza
• Friday, January 24th at 4PM: Craft Pride
• Saturday, January 25th at 6PM: Wright Bros. Brew & Brew


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