Josh Hare Sharing a “Shit-Ton” of Beer Knowledge at Banger’s

BHXpXLcCYAEktPxWe’re not telling you anything you don’t know, but let’s face it, Mondays are rough.

It’s the first morning of the week back to our regularly scheduled alarm clocks, and coupled with the distracting memories of weekend triumphs and regrets…it’s like we quite literally spend 1/7 of our lives in a wistful, drowsy funk.

That’s why, here at Bitch Beer, we’re huge fans of anything that makes Monday less sucky. So, when Hops & Grain and Banger’s announced that they would teaming up for a month of Monday beer and sausage pairings, we were instantly on board.

The series, which is being held every Monday in April, features a casual, attendee-driven Q&A with red overall-clad, rocking chair-bound Hops & Grain brewer Josh Hare, as well as a special H&G tapping paired with a complementing Banger’s sausage. We stopped by a couple weeks ago, and found an intimate circle of beer lovers picking Josh’s brain about everything from Texas beer laws, to the popularity of The One They Call Zoe, to the origin of his red overalls.

Tonight’s event will feature H&G’s recently debuted Mean Irene (bourbon barrel aged imperial alt) and a tobacco-smoked bacon sausage. The final event, April 29, will boast a Jamaican rum barrel aged imperial stout and a Cuban style mojo sausage topped with chayote squash relish, blackstrap molasses, papaya ketchup and fried plantains. MY GOD.

The weekly events begin at 6 p.m.


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