Beer Tripper: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

deepellumbrewing19Welcome to the first installment of our newest series, Beer Tripper! While hitting up local brewery tours and tasting hours on Fridays and Saturdays never gets old, who doesn’t love a good old fashion road trip? But if you’re like us, you have lame obligations like a job, a pet that needs to be fed, or heaven forbid, a child that keeps you from taking that dream road trip to Portland whenever you’d like. Through this series, we’ll highlight the best breweries and brew pubs that make for great day (ish) trips around the Lone Star State.

For as long as I can remember, the only good thing that ever came out of Dallas was the Dallas Cowboys, and, let’s be honest, that hasn’t even been true since the late ’90s. But in the last few years, Dallas has become, dare I say, cool.

This change in status has come about because of the several Dallas-based breweries that have opened up, specifically Deep Ellum Brewing Company (DEBC). A little while ago, a few of the other Bitch Beer ladies and I took a weekend trip up to D-Town to visit the brewery ourselves.

Located in Deep Ellum, the thriving, new “it” neighborhood of Dallas, DEBC first welcomes guests with a gorgeous beer garden, complete with plenty of seating, beautiful landscaping and a stage for musical entertainment. The beer garden also had a firetruck-turned -food-cart, the Hook & Ladder, serving up hand-tossed, hot and cheesy wood-fired pizzas.

But you need a frothy beverage in hand before you can properly enjoy the inviting outside space. DEBC’s tap room is big – like really big – and their tap selection is plentiful. We were lucky enough to be in town while the brewery still had Dreamcrusher Double IPA and the oh-so-addicting Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout on tap.

Behind the taproom and brewery, DEBC has a secluded room that is available for private parties with, you guessed it, another bar. Like every other space in the brewery, the walls of this room are decked out with brightly colored beer-themed artwork, and as we quickly found out, the back room is hidden away just enough to be the perfect location to shotgun some Dallas Blondes, DEBC’s golden session ale that’s as blonde as a Hanson brother and, as it’s tag line boasts, “goes down easy.”

With four very solid year round beers – the Deep Ellum IPA, Double Brown Stout, Rye Pils and Dallas Blonde – mind blowing seasonals and a super fun and friendly staff, DEBC is worth the drive no matter where you call home.


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