Community Brewing Opens Tomorrow in Dallas


You know what we bitches love almost as much as beer? Community. The Beer Community here in Austin is amazing and so accepting of all beer drinkers. We could not do a lot of our work without them.

This same idea is Community Brewing’s own origins story. Their awesome mission statement is that they “want to be an integral part of [their] community by supporting local charities and artists…using [their] brews to bring UNITY to one another’s live” (Community Brewing). That desire to firmly root themselves in the Dallas-Ft. Worth community caused them to choose a location near downtown Dallas.

With beer names like “Public Ale,” “Community Lager,” and “Regalement” (a winter seasonal which I would try for the name alone), Community Brewing has plans of hosting charity events, sporting activities, music and art shows from local artists, and even a Beer School!

Note to self: Add Community Brewing to the “Bitch Beer Field Trip” list.


3 Comments on Community Brewing Opens Tomorrow in Dallas

  1. Finally Dallas is making a bit of a place in beer – Love the Deep Ellum beer and glad to see another brewery starting up. I’m getting thirsty typing this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. We went to Community this weekend. LOVED the beers and the place. AND the PEOPLE. Open on Saturdays for anyone interested from 2-5.

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