First Saturday: Independence Brewery

So all you Austinites out there have probably heard of First Thursday but this weekend the Bitch Beer Girls got their first exposure to an event called First Saturday at Independence Brewing Co. 

First Saturday is a monthly event held at the Independence Brewery off of Todd Ln. From 1-3pm on the first Saturday of every month Independence throws a party to rival your neighborhood block party (if your block parties are really awesome). Every entrant is given a wristband for 3 samplers but you can buy a pint glass to get a full pour. Their beers range from super experimental to their standards and all are delicious. Aside from the free beer this event offers free live music, food trucks (food for purchase) and tours of the brewery. Lesson learned: bring a lawn chair, some friends and a fan or water mister if you’ve got one and prepare for a lovely afternoon of local beer.


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