Bitch Beer Merch

What’s the best way to tell the world you love craft beer and the women who write about it? Wear a shirt with Bitch Beer’s logo on it, duh. Our shirts are super soft, super awesome and made by Austin’s super cool screen printers, Kong Screenprinting.

We have two different versions of our shirts for you to choose from: a black unisex V-neck and a hot pink ladies cut V-neck. The unisex shirts fits like most unisex or men’s T-shirts, and the sizing chart for the ladies cut shirt can be found here.

As of right now, we’d prefer not to ship shirts. We’re planning a happy hour event where everyone can pick up their shirt, have a drink and we can do one of our favorite things: meet you! Of course if you live outside of Austin or can’t make the happy hour, we’re happy to ship your shirt to you (or bring it to you next time we see you). Just include your address in the order form.

If you have any questions about shirts, ordering or the happy hour, feel free to email us at

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