Blog-a-Thon Live Blogging

Hi Everyone,

The Blog-a-Thon is off to a great start! We’re posted up from open to close at Craft Pride today collecting donations to fund travel for our next book project. We could really use your help. More on that here!

1pm update:

After wrangling some big ol’ tents for a few hours this AM to ensure our dear attendees would have rain cover in case weather gets dicey later, we’re up and running posting breaking beer news, hosting a massive silent auction, collecting donations in exchange for the opportunity to win some great raffle prizes and more! We should also mention that it’s currently nice & sunny out…. so what’s stopping you  from coming?

3pm update:


We’re happy to report that we just reached our first $1000 milestone, bringing us  1/6th of the way to our goal!

Here’s a shot of Sarah celebrating…1000


 7pm Update

At the halfway mark for the Blog-a-Thon we’re hovering around $2,000. We are excited but we could still use some serious help getting to our $6000 goal and we still have some seriously awesome raffle & silent auction prizes left! Come on by Craft Pride or visit to be a part of it!

On the blogging front, since our last update, we’ve posted a hilarious & horrifying rundown of some of the craziest search terms that have ever led intrepid Googlers to Bitch Beer. We’ve also posted a brief Q&A with brewing legend Mikkel Borg Bjergsø talking about his latest book “Mikkeller’s Book of Beer.”

 9pm Update

Here we are stoked to hit $2500. Silent Auction closing momentarily. Lots of lucky winners!


11pm Update

Well, with just two hours left we’re about $2,500 shy of our goal, but elated nonetheless to be getting so close! We celebrated the halfway mark with a good ol’ fashioned shotgun salute with pals. We still have lots of brewery swag to raffle off, as well as an ATXcursions brewery tour for two, so stay tuned….


The next day…

Apologies. Live blogging operations were hindered when a 20 oz Revolver Blood & Honey took a tumble onto Caroline’s computer during a particularly spirited raffle prize announcement around 11:30pm.

In better news, we were incredibly excited to make it to about $4,400 at the Blog-a-Thon’s closing. We’ve still had a couple donations trickle in today, which are incredibly, incredibly appreciated! We’re so thankful for all of the support, it will really go such a long way. Be sure to check out some great images from the event, courtesy of Patrick Hernandez!

Finally, we had numerous raffle and silent auction winners who were not present when their names were called (whether because they donated digitally or were home in a beer coma by that point), so we’ll be contacting everyone tonight to let them know they’ve won & arrange delivering the prizes.

Thanks again!

Jessica, Sarah & Caroline


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