“Bitchs drink bud light”: a collection of the strangest search terms leading to bitchbeer.org

The analytics don’t lie. Examining the past 3+ years of Bitch Beer’s online existence, we’ve assembled a collection of the most interesting search engine terms that have somehow led intrepid Googlers to our site. From offensive to sexist to downright weird, here are some of the highlights:

The Most Offensive:

“blonde with big ass”


“sexy girl beer ad pictures”


“good tasting bitch beer”

We wish you the best of luck. Really, we do.


“women in small town turned men into sissy women”

A true feat of science! Seriously, wow.


“beers with sexy female labels”



“resolutions girls break”

Hopefully the resolution to only date assholes.


“bitchs drink bud light”


“photo bitchess of amireca”

Is that Beyonce’s new album?


The Most Drunk:

“bear bicht”


“saturday auatin brqwery tours”

Googling While Intoxicated.


“you sportin anew mo stache”

Well? Ar e y ou?


“bikes bitches and beers”

We appreciate good alliteration, but we aren’t sure you found what you were looking for here.


“crystal light in beer”

We don’t know, but it sounds gross.


“boobs drinks”


“a long time ago Facebook had a app that you could send drinks to your friends”

For those days when you want to have a conversation with Google.


“holding beer with tits cartoon”


“tramp stamp bitches”

Guess everyone has a type?


“where can my wife go pantieless in minneapolis”

The Mall of America.

1 Comment on “Bitchs drink bud light”: a collection of the strangest search terms leading to bitchbeer.org

  1. These are great and the gifs just make it! Funny how people find your site, we’ve had search delightful terms as “horse fist” “kitten pint” “texas blonde” … and more! At least they are finding us, right? Cheers!

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