Rogness Feast at Greenhouse Craft Food A Culinary Competition

A Rogness pairing dinner Sunday at Greenhouse Craft Food is taking the popular concept of beer dinners to a whole new level by turning it into a friendly culinary competition.

rogness beersTwo of the Round Rock restaurant’s chefs want to know who has the best beer pairing skills, so they’re enlisting the help of the diners to figure that out. They’re each preparing three of the six courses of the Rogness feast — and having diners select which ones are their favorites. Whoever has the most votes, easily enough, wins this round of “Top Greenhouse Chef” (which would be a show we’d totally watch).

Greenhouse Craft Food Chefs Rob Snow and Todd Engel are angling for those votes by preparing dishes that go hand-in-hand with each Rogness brew, including the Hefeweizen, the Rook Scotch Ale, the Ost Porter and more.

Here are the six courses that will be front-and-center at the Rogness Beer Dinner Throwdown, which is $57.71 and most likely worth every penny. The dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.

Course 1: Joie d’Ete (Lemon Lavender Saison)

Baby iceberg wedge / lemon lavender vinaigrette / heirloom tomatoes / house-made bacon lardons / crispy shallots / Point Reyes blue cheese

Course 2: Taxon Brown Ale

Venison slider / Taxon Brown Ale bun / strawberry ketchup / crispy baby kale / Taxon Brown Ale mustard / cipollini jam

Course 3: Vinton Blonde Ale

Halibut / Brussels sprouts slaw w/ citrus gastrique and a smoked garlic aioli / pickled radish

Course 4: Rook Scotch Ale

Chicken fried wild boar / ancho chile mashed potatoes / black pepper gravy / Rook Scotch Ale braised greens

Course 5:  Ost Porter

Mocha Panna Cotta / caramel cookie

For tickets and more information, visit the eventbrite page.


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