Hops & Grain Inserts Some Culture into the Beer Community with New Canned Brew

Hops-Grain-PorterCultureGandhi once asserted that the culture of a group of people resides in their hearts and in their souls. While that may be true, Hops & Grain Brewery updates the adage to include “in their stomachs” with the release of their Baltic Porter, PorterCulture.

That’s right. One of Austin’s craft beer sweethearts Hops & Grain is adding a fifth canned beer to its lineup. Currently Hops & Grain is spitting out cans of their award-winning Alt-eration altbier, Pale Dog pale ale, The One They Call Zoe, Austin’s reigning Friday night shotgun queen, and Greenhouse IPA, an ale with a new hop bill each month, about as quickly as they can (see what I did there?) but that doesn’t slow down owner Josh Hare’s excitement to release the brewery’s newest canned goodie.

“This was a long time coming. It’s always exciting for us to see one of our small-batch, tap room creations grow into a full blown, year-round adult, and PorterCulture is no exception,” Hare notes.

PorterCulture rounds out the H&G lineup nicely by existing in a space that is both dark and drinkable. Brewed with Austin pseudo-winters in mind, the Hops & Grain brewing team blended Pilsner, Munich, and de-husked black malt with chocolate wheat to create a brew with a smooth mouthfeel and a clean lager finish, making PorterCulture great for both cool fall days and sweltering summer evenings.

And can we just admire that can for a hot second? Hops & Grain chose the word “decorous” to describe not only the beer, but the cultural fit of this Baltic Porter in the lives of Texas beer-drinkers. This lovely purple can is representative of the polite restraint and graceful elegance they were looking to capture in their flavor profile. In other words, classy as fuck. Any card-carrying Austinite would be pleased as punch to tote a 6-pack of that on their next hike or afternoon at Zilker. And they won’t have to wait long.

PorterCulture will launch on draft at the brewery and at select bars around town, while cans will be readily available at beer retailers throughout Texas beginning mid-next week. So get out there and culture yourselves, people.


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