Drink for a Cause: Help save wildlife with “Turtle Power” from Martin House Brewing Company

Turtle PowerMartin House Brewing Company has teamed up with another Fort Worth-based group, the Turtle Survival Alliance, to bring awareness to turtle extinction with the seasonal release of Turtle Power, a blackberry altbier.

Formed in 2001, the TSA conducts research, works to create breeding programs for endangered tortoises and turtles, and promotes conservation in order to end turtle extinction.

Blackberries, a seasonal treat for both humans and turtles, were used to create a beer with strong malt flavor that’s great for fall.

“Blackberries are a favorite food of turtles, so it seemed fitting to add them to the beer. Plus, we have been wanting to do a fruit-infused beer for a long time- this was the perfect opportunity,” said brewer Cody Martin in the brewery’s newsletter.

Martin House will be making a donation to the TSA, and will be encouraging others to do the same at launch events this week. In addition to beer and glassware, the events will also include live turtles to fawn over.

Turtle Power will be available on draft this month only and will be launched at the following locations this week:

  • Oak Street Draft House in Denton – Oct. 2 @ 7 pm
  • The Flying Saucer in Fort Worth – Oct. 3 @ 5 pm
  • Luck at Trinity Groves in Dallas – Oct. 4 @ 5 pm.

Now you can enjoy some bodacious Turtle Power without having to sit through a franchise reboot.




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