Texas Craft Brewers Fest Profile: Texas Beer Refinery

The 2014 Texas Craft Brewers Festival is just around the corner–September 27 to be exact. And, this year, it’s larger than ever with an impressive 57 Texas-bred breweries joining the lineup. While VIP tickets are already sold out, general admission and designated driver tickets are still available for purchase. In anticipation for this year’s festival, we’re kicking off a series of profiles featuring some of the newest breweries to join the festival’s ranks. We’ve already introduced you to Huff Brewing, Brazos Valley Brewing Company and B-52 Brewing. Today, we introduce you to Ryan Rhodes, President of Kemah-based  Texas Beer Refinery.

About Texas Beer Refinery:

-5“Ryan Rhodes, President and John Hearn, Brewmaster, met in the Clear Lake area at a restaurant/bar a few years ago. Ryan discovered John’s passion for beer when he arrived at John’s annual crawfish party a few months following their meeting. Stepping in John’s garage, there were multiple fridges with 5 taps of amazing beer coming out of each one. Ryan, a business professional, and John soon merged their two passions together and created Texas Beer Refinery. TBR is based out of Kemah, TX and the primary goal is to create fantastic beer, while infusing the brewery into the community as much as possible.”

Interview with Texas Beer Refinery:

Bitch Beer: Where can people currently find your beers, and where do you hope to have them available in the future?

Ryan Rhodes: Texas Beer Refinery is the first brewery to self distribute full filled 64 oz growlers to select HEB stores in Texas. Pictures of our growlers can be found on our Facebook page or Website. You can also find us in the following locations around the Southern Houston area: Spec’s Clear Lake and Downtown, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy Changas, Tapology Gastropub, Boondoggles Pub, Nobi Public House, Republic House, Skallywag Suds N’ Grub, The Cock and Bull British Pub, Lazy Lizard Cantina and Redneck Country Club.

BB: How does it feel to be participating in the Texas Craft Brewers Festival this year?

RR: We are very excited about being in the Texas Craft Brewer’s Guild and this Festival in particular. Austin is still the hub of beer in Texas, and we look forward to sharing our brews with beer lovers across the state.

BB: What should people expect if they come to visit your booth at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival?

RR: Unique and high quality beers, such as the Mexican IPA, Catalyst Imperial IPA, Bayou City Brown, and a fantastic Pale Ale, named the American Dream.

BB: What other breweries’ offerings are you hoping to try at the festival?

RR: Looking forward to trying out some of Jester King’s latest releases.

Connect with Texas Beer Refinery:

-5Website: Texasbeerrefinery.com

Facebook: /texasbeerrefinery

Twitter: @txbeerrefinery


We’ll continue this profile series tomorrow with a look at Shannon Brewing.



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