Texas Craft Brewers Fest Profile: B-52 Brewing Co.

The 2014 Texas Craft Brewers Festival is just around the corner–September 27 to be exact. And, this year, it’s larger than ever with an impressive 57 Texas-bred breweries joining the lineup. While VIP tickets are already sold out, general admission and designated driver tickets are still available for purchase. In anticipation for this year’s festival, we’re kicking off a series of profiles featuring some of the newest breweries to join the festival’s ranks. We’ve already introduced you to Huff Brewing and Brazos Valley Brewing Company. Today, we introduce you to Brent Daniel, Head of Sales and Marketing for Conroe-based B-52 Brewing Co.

About B-52 Brewing Co:

B52-WEB-LOGO-e1379444876830“Chad Daniel and Brent Daniel are brothers who have been passionate about craft beer ever since they could legally drink it. That passion very quickly led to a trip to the Austin Homebrew store where they bought their first brew kit. After nearly 10 years of brewing all kinds of different beers, they finally got their chance to build a brewery on the north side of Houston, Texas in Conroe.”


Interview with B-52 Brewing Co.

Bitch Beer: Can you tell me a little bit about B-52’s philosophy and the journey of starting it?

Brent Daniel: Our philosophy at B-52 Brewing is to focus on the entire experience. Every little thing is very important: from the ingredients we use and the recipes we design to the environment and the company you enjoy your beers with. We put a ton of effort into making the whole experience enjoyable.

BB: Where can people currently find your beers, and where do you hope to have them available in the future?

BD: Right now you can find our beers at a few bars and restaurants in the downtown Houston area as well as Conroe, Montgomery, and The Woodlands. Our plan is to increase distribution around Houston, and eventually expand to Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.

We are draft only but will be expanding our specialty line into bombers and then eventually full scale packaging for all of our brands. B-52 also has a brewpub license, so we can sell packaged beer and growlers to go at the brewery. Some of our specialty limited releases will only be available at the brewery, so you will need to stay tuned for any updates about what’s going on at B-52.

BB: How does it feel to be participating in the Texas Craft Brewers Festival this year?

BD: We love Austin, Texas so we couldn’t be more excited about participating in the festival this year. The venue looks like it will be an amazing place to sample some of the great beers that are coming out of Texas.

BB: What should people expect if they come to visit your booth at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival?

BD: Friendly representatives and some great beers to taste. We expect it to be a hot day, so we are bringing out our award-winning German style Pilsner as well as our sessionable Wheat IPA brewed with an awesome blend of West Coast hops.

BB: What other breweries’ offerings are you hoping to try at the festival?

BD: There are too many great breweries to name them all. We are just very excited to try some of the new beers coming out of Austin that don’t normally make it down to Houston.

BB: Anything else we should know about B-52 Brewing Co.?

BD: We have some very exciting specialty brews coming up and will be announcing release parties very soon. Many of these will be available only at the brewery and will also be available in bombers to go.

Connect with B-52 Brewing Co.



Twitter: @b52brewing


Tomorrow we’ll continue this profile series with a look at Texas Beer Refinery.


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