Owner of Lonestar Beverages to Open New Growler and Bottle Shop in Lewisville

Rick and Sam Ali, the father and son owners of the popular Lonestar Beverages store in Carrollton, TX, announced this morning that they will be expanding into the growler filling business with their new store, Lone Star Taps & Caps.

The shop will open later this fall and in addition to 50 taps of craft beer and ciders for growler fills and on-site flights, it will also feature 500 cans and bottles of craft beers to choose from, allowing customers to mix and match to suit their craft beer needs.

Rick and Sam opened Lonestar Beverages in 2006 and have become the go-to guys for hard to find beers with free Friday tastings, and one of the widest selections of local and national craft beers in Texas. And according to this morning’s press release,  that selection is about to get bigger:

“With over eight years of experience in the retail business, their relationships with distributors and breweries will bring a plethora of events, special release brews, and the like.”

Fall can’t come fast enough.



1 Comment on Owner of Lonestar Beverages to Open New Growler and Bottle Shop in Lewisville

  1. Reblogged this on BeerMetalDude.com and commented:
    My good friends up north are expanding to include a bar/bottle shop/growler station. Can not wait to check this place out on my next visit to the DFW area!

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