Fremont Brewing’s CANpaign 2014 Wants Your Photos

It’s that time of the year, folks. The sun is out, every Target within a 50 mile radius of Seattle is out of box fans, and it’s time for Fremont’s annual CANpaign. Don’t know what the CANpaign is? Here’s how it works:

1) Drink delicious Fremont beer. Easy.

2) Take another Fremont beer can with you kayaking, hiking, walking your dog, climbing Mt. Rainier, whatever. As long as you’re outside, making up for the lack of sun you got during the winter, with that can in hand, you can be doing whatever you want.

3) Snap a photo of you doing said outdoors-y activity and holding a Fremont beer can. Doing yoga on the edge of a cliff outside of Seattle? Sweet. Pop a beer can between your hands while in lotus pose. (Please note: We do not endorse getting your yoga on while perched on the edge of a cliff and inebriated. Let’s be safe, people.)

4) Send this photo to Fremont Brewing Co.


From now until September 21st, Fremont will select a winning photo each week. The winning photo will receive a $10 gift card to redeem for even more delicious beer and will be entered for a chance at the grand prize—a VIP four person tour of their brewery, a $50 gift card, and they’re going to chauffeur you and your friends around the Fremont-mobile which you can see a photo of on our blog post here.

They do have three very important requirements for your photo to be eligible so read the below if you want to win eternal glory:

“1) Follow us on Instagram at @FremontBrewing, 2) Include one of our beer cans in your photo, 3) Use the hashtag #FremontCANpaign.”

So go outside, get some exercise and sunshine in, and take photos of those fantastic Fremont beer cans!


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