Mobile Delivery App Drops Brews off at your Door

d8974c_a19047093647427ea132d4f8c7e51d18.png_srz_p_382_322_75_22_0.50_1.20_0How many times (be honest) have you found yourself drunk and beerless at 10:30 PM. It’s not too late in the night to grab another 6 pack to keep the party going, but drunk driving is A REALLY BAD IDEA. (Really.) But you are so thirsty and there is still so much drunk to be had this evening! What are you to do?

Well, the fine folks at BrewDrop, an Austin based mobile delivery app, are here to solve all of your sloshed shindigs and effed up events. They make it exceedingly easy to browse through local liquor stores’ inventories of beer, wine, and liquor and place an order through their slick new mobile app.

And then something magical happens. They deliver the alcohol to you. THEY bring it to YOU. Like an order of post-breakup Pan Asian food! 

While being named one of the booziest towns in our fine nation for the better part of a decade, Austin has also become one of the fastest growing mobile and tech meccas in recent years. Apps like Instacart and Favor are growing in popularity every day, and with nationwide app-based services like Uber and Lyft launching deep in the heart of Texas as recently as last month, local beer drinkers are becoming as tech savvy as they are thirsty. So it makes sense for a product like this to be born and brewed in Austin.

We gave the app interface the once over and found it not only chipper and bright (and just a touch patriotic for the Fourth coming up) but also really easy to use. We put together a short demo.

  1. photo 3Install the app. It’s available both in the App Store and on Google Play.
  2. Log into the app or register for an account and verify your age. It’s trying to be convenient, after all. Not delinquent.
  3. Enter your zip code. Currently BrewDrop is serving the following Austin zip codes and are adding new turn every day:
    • 78701
    • 78702
    • 78703
    • 78705
    • 78721
    • 78722
    • 78723
    • 78731
    • 78751
    • 78752
    • 78756
    • 78757
  4. photo 1 (1)See a local partner store’s selection of beer, wine and liquor in the app. Yup, just browse away. In our testing we could verify there were many tasty choices for beer drinkers, from Founders Porter to Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA to local standbys like Hops and Grain Alt, Pale Dog and even Zoe for an emergency Shotgun Friday. There are also a huge selection of liquor and wine available. It’s mind blowing this is happening on a phone and in 30-60 minutes, you will have the beverage of choice in your hand. Mind blowing.
  5. Tap on the libation of your choosing and select the amount you’ll be needing. This should be kept within reason. A person has to go buy this and bring it to your house, after all. Don’t go cray.
  6. Checkout securely through the app and wait patiently. The only additional cost to the user is a $5 delivery fee that is used to pay BrewDrop drivers. Expect to get a knock on the door in around 30 minutes. 
  7. photo 2 (1)Answer your door. Give the person nice enough to drop off your beer your ID (again, they aren’t here to break the law). They will hand it back to you. Give that friendly individual a high five and a tip for their troubles and take your beer off their hands.
  8. Raise a glass in celebration. Drink up. Marvel at technology.

It’s that easy! So do your part. Keep Austin Weird. And also Wired. And especially Wi-asted. And even more especially safe from drunk driving. BrewDrop it.

– Sarah

BrewDrop is available in the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android users. 

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