Craft Pride plans special tappings for Solstice Austin Music Festival June 21st

10376007_508960089203705_1002037230157103271_nJune 21st marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the start of summer. A group called Solstice has used the extra hours of sunshine to celebrate music (and subsequently great drinks in cool places) with the worldwide Summer Solstice Music Festival.

Over 800 cities will participate in 2014, with a plethora of places being transformed into venues for performers from all walks of life to make music within. Austin currently has 34 venues including Whole Foods and Wheatsville, Bird’s Barbershop and Burro’s Cheese Kitchen food trailer. Even some of our favorite craft beer haunts are jumping on board, with bars like Quickie Pickie, Bangers Sausage House, and Craft Pride opening their doors for performers and attendees alike.

Craft Pride, in particular will be offering special summer tappings to raise a glass to summer. 5 Stones Artisan Brewery’s summer brew Sprung, an American IPA hopped with Centennial, Cascade, and Falconer’s Flight and flavored with Heather tips, wildflower honey, and Elderflower additions in the boil will definitely make for a tasty sessionable beer. Also on tap for the festivities Real Ale White, 512 White IPA, Austin Beerworks Half IPA, Martin House Day Break Blonde, and Saint Arnold Boiler Room Berlinerwiesse.

Performers will take the stage at Craft Pride starting at 2:00 and the tunes will go until 10:30. With this much great beer as an accompaniment, there is little fear of the taps running dry!

For a full list of performers, venues, and more information on Summer Solstice Music Festival, check out their website.

– Sarah 

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