Real Ale Releases WHITE Summer Seasonal in Cans

-3Just when you thought Real Ale’s brews couldn’t get any Blakkr, the brewery has announced the canning of their new summer seasonal–WHITE. (And just when you thought my ledes couldn’t get any cheesier…)

Behind the incredibly eye-catching, sleek white can design (which seems to strive to answer the question ‘What if Apple designed beer packaging?’) the beer was designed to be a modern interpretation of the traditional Belgian witbier.

“Our WHITE celebrates three of our favorite things–summer, Belgian ales, and the glory of American hops,” Real Ale Brewmaster Erik Ogershok said, in a press release announcing the beer.

Where the beer deviates from your traditional wheat beer fare is with a substantial dry hop addition.

According to the press release, “The low alcohol, dry finish and citrus notes combine for a refreshing beer that is a perfect complement to your summer activities.”

Suffice to say, our summer activities now include getting our hands on this beer, stat!

WHITE will be available in cans and on draft beginning this month.


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