Pinthouse/ Houndstooth Coffee Copper Ale Taps Tonight

Pinthouse Houndstooth CollabTonight, Pinthouse Pizza taps Coffee Copper Ale, a collaboration with Austin caffeine purveyors Houndstooth Coffee.

Over the past few months, we’ve been following this beer as its evolved from its initial test batch, to its brew day, and we can’t wait to taste the finished product.

Not your average coffee ale, this beer takes its name from its lighter copper hue, and was designed to incorporate the coffee as a harmonious component, rather than an overbearing roast.

“For the collaboration we employed a unique method for adding the coffee in process that accentuates the beans’ red fruit and citrus notes without the bitter astringent aspects that can exist in lighter coffee ales,” Pinthouse Pizza Head Brewer Joe Mohrfeld said.

Here’s the final description of the beer from Pinthouse’s website: “The Coffee Copper Ale features bright orange and citrus flavors with a pleasant, rich coffee undertone that plays off the malt.  Brewed with Tres El Diamante beans roasted by Tweed Coffee Roasters.  A perfect coffee ale for Austin’s hot summer days… and mornings!”

Cheers to that.

The beer taps tonight (May 22) at 5pm. Be warned, this beer was brewed on Pinthouse’s pilot system, so quantity will be limited. Mohrfeld and co. plan to brew the recipe again on Pinthouse’s main system later this summer.


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