Off-Centered Film Fest Delivers Death-defying Lolz

10251956_652053388183553_3727573685650437003_n It was a celebration of stunts and suds as the Alamo Drafthouse and Dogfish Head teamed up for the seventh annual Off-Centered Film Fest with events at Fiesta Gardens and the Alamo Lakeline over the weekend.

1610083_652050634850495_6254016285646601450_nThe Alamo team, Dogfish Head’s ever-entertaining Founder Sam Calagione, and special guests The Lonely Island (comedians Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone) led audiences through a “Stuntin'” themed beer and film festival, featuring an outdoor Rolling Road Show screening of “Hot Rod,” a “Drunken Master” beer dinner, a screening of b-movie magic “Stunt Rock,” a clip show dubbed “An Evening with Lonely Island,” a short film competition and screening of the classic film “Safety Last,” and a critical defense of Nick Cage’s “Ghost Rider.”

All of these events were, naturally, punctuated with a bevvy of beers from Dogfish Head, including rare kegs like Palo Santo Marron, 2013 Fort, 2013 Black and Blue and 2012 Burton Baton.10154484_652053328183559_146720594119272374_n

One dollar from every Dogfish Head beer sold at the Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline and it’s adjoining beer bar Glass Half Full during the festival was donated to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, which after some matching from Dogfish Head amounted to more than $1000 for the organization which represents small breweries’ interests in Texas.

10277888_652051791517046_4207892295962705276_nTexas breweries like (512), Adelbert’s, Circle, Hops & Grain, Independence, Infamous, Jester King, Karbach, Live Oak, Ranger Creek, Real Ale, Rogness, Thirsty Planet and Twisted X also got in on the fun, pouring off-centered brews at the festival’s opening night “Hot Rod” beer party out at Fiesta Gardens Thursday night. The mini beer festival of sorts accompanied the film screening, a soundtrack of confidence rock tunes and a live stunt jump for attendees to test their (potentially sober) stunt skills. Calagione also showed off his rap skills with an original rhyme about East vs. West coast brewers while introducing “Hot Rod.” The film was followed by a Q&A with creators/stars The Lonely Island, and that was followed by an aggressive bum rushing of (mostly female) fans fighting to snap some selfies with the SNL alums.

The Lonely Island trio made another hilarious appearance late Friday night at the Alamo with a clip show following their work from Channel 101 to SNL, with the guys providing comical insight on their hits like “Lazy Sunday,” “Just 2 Guyz,” and “Iran So Far.” One of the biggest treats of the event was getting to watch some obscure material, like scenes from an unaired sketch pilot and an unaired SNL digital short featuring Will Ferrell sending a ravenous kangaroo-like creature to murder an unsuspecting Kenan Thompson while he told some co-workers a “Good Burger” joke in the SNL hallway. So, yeah. That happened.10271641_652053431516882_8944099307953192283_n

The festival’s other entertaining events were characterized by just the kind of thing you’d expect when the minds of The Alamo Drafthouse and Dogfish Head come together–obscure absurdities, genre classics, just the right level of well-crafted drunken debauchery, and..well..a Nick Cage film.

Cheers to The Alamo Drafthouse and Dogfish Head for another great Off-Centered Film Festival. Now, to get guessing on what next year’s theme will be…


-Photos courtesy of Off-Centered Film Festival/Alamo Drafthouse/ Fons PR



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