Bitch Beer’s Great Pacific Northwest Adventure

800px-HoodWe’ve been counting down the days, packing our bags and pre-nursing our livers, and finally the day has come–the Bitch Beer Austin team is venturing up to the Pacific Northwest to meet up with our Seattle writers and explore breweries, bars and festivals in Seattle, Portland and Hood River, OR for an extended Easter weekend.

We apologize in advance for the site being a little quiet while we’re gone. But, there’s no question our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Untapped accounts will be getting quite the workout on this trip. Follow along if you’re interested in hearing about one of the best beer regions in these ol’ United States. And, if you happen to have recommendations for some places we should visit along the way, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

See you next week, Austin!

-Bitch Beer




3 Comments on Bitch Beer’s Great Pacific Northwest Adventure

  1. It’s so beautiful!

  2. I’m guessing you are all very familiar with both Cascade Brewing and Hair of the Dog (both in PDX) but I’ll definitely throw a recommendation in just in case you don’t. Seriously fabulous beers. Have fun drinking your way through the PNW!

  3. It was great meeting all of you at Populuxe last night. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the great Northwest!

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