Pinthouse Pizza’s 2nd Annual Belgian Beer Fest (Photo Gallery)

Pinthouse Pizza, dare we say, dubbeled the fun with their second annual Belgian Beer Fest this past Saturday.

The Belgian style offerings ranged from krieks to quads, with approximately 48 stellar beers to choose from. Among the highlights we sampled, the festival served as a great introduction to Boon, whose Oud Geuze and Kriek just became available in Texas.

Pinthouse Pizza also had some inventive offerings of their own, including the Crestview Belge and Brentwood Belge which were aged in Silver Oak Cabernet barrels with organic apricots and cherries, respectively.

As the night progressed (we attended the festival’s later session) things got a little more adventurous in the fruit department, and the Pinthouse pourers gave us a taste of a mystical concoction known as “Ryan’s Rainbow,” which was effectively a beer suicide made of all the fruit beers available on tap. It was actually pretty tasty, if you’re looking for a beverage to double as dessert.

Check out the photo gallery below for a glimpse of the good times.



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