Bitch Beer Book Report: “Beer: What to Drink Next”

There are people out there who are just picking up their first (or second or third) craft beer, and there are those who think they’ve tried everything. But we’ve all had the same thought while at a bar with too many choices: what should I try next?

Beer: What to Drink NextBeer: What to Drink Next (Featuring the Beer Select-o-Pedia)” is a craft beer lover’s field guide to drinking. With everything from barley wine to Weissbeer to lambics to bocks, and practically everything in between, there’s an entry for 90 beer styles and just about everything you’d want to know about them.

Not only is the book  a quick reference to learn more about what you’re currently sipping on, it offers suggestions on what similar beers and brands to try (Think Netflix recommendations for beer. “If you like American-Style Wheats, you might like Lagunitas Little Sumpin’Sumpin’ Ale.”)

“What to Drink Next” also features an Atomic Structure for each type of beer: taste, history, food pairings, and which breweries produce the most notable beers. Fun Fact: Did you know that IPA Day is celebrated in early August? Or that the first American-bred hop variety was Cascade? Well, now you know.

And if nothing else, it makes a great coffee table book. I speak from experience, because  that’s where my copy lives.




*Disclaimer: This book was sent to Bitch Beer for review, however all opinions are my own and are not an endorsement by

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