The Bruery Releases Tribute Beer for Walt Powell

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.08.26 AM

Andrew Bell raises a glass to his friend Walt.

Walt Powell, former VP of Operations for Flix Brewhouse, was an invaluable, irreplaceable presence in the Texas craft beer community. So much so, that when Walt passed away tragically and unexpectedly last June, Flix brewed a tribute beer in his honor, calling it Saison de Walt.

Now, 1370 miles away, in Placentia, CA another homage to Walt is being served in the tasting room of The Bruery.

It’s called, simply, “Walt.” And, while we won’t be seeing this beer in Texas, the fact that it’s being brewed half a country away is certainly a testament to Walt’s far reaching legacy.

The beer was brewed by The Bruery’s Experimental Brewer, Andrew Bell, a friend of Walt’s who remembers his enormous impact on both the Texas beer scene, and on the online beer community over at

Like Saison de Walt, Bell’s tribute to Walt is brewed in the style of one of his favorite beers–Orval. The beer is a saison fermented equally with Brett and French saison yeast and dry hopped with noble hops. Bell says these components give the well-balanced brew an earthy, peppery, grassy flavor with an extremely dry finish.

The limited run pilot beer is now being served in The Bruery’s tasting room. But, they are holding back one keg until later in the year to let the Brett develop further.

“I really enjoy this beer,” Bell says, in the video below. “I hope you do to, and when you do, please raise a glass for Walt.”


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