Martin House Brewing announces collaboration with The Toadies

Sometimes it pays to be a Toadies fan, and we’re not just talking in September during “Dia de los Toadies.”

The Toadies will begin touring this year with a re-release of their first full-length album Rubberneck, and there’s no better way for a Fort Worth band to celebrate than with a Fort Worth beer.

Martin House Brewing has been working with the band to create “Rubberneck Red,” the official beer of The Toadies. Inspired by MH’s Imperial Texan, the beer will be a bold red, with notes of caramel and fruit. However, unlike the Imperial, the beer will have a 5% ABV, making for a much more concert friendly beer.

According to David Wedemeir from Martin House, the band attended multiple tastings during the development phase, working to find a brew that hit all the right notes.

“Rubberneck Red” is expected to be released in 4-pack cans in the DFW area starting in mid-March. Distribution is expected statewide later in the spring and the brewery will be rolling out a calendar of events to celebrate it’s release, which will be announced in the coming weeks.



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