Oasis, Texas Brewing to Open in Former Uncle Billy’s Lake Space

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.46.55 PMProving that a perfectly good brewhouse couched in a picturesque locale shouldn’t just go to waste, Oasis, Texas Brewing Company is planting down some roots in the former Uncle Billy’s on the lake location.

Located at, you guessed it, the Oasis, the new brewery will be helmed by Head Brewer Spencer Tielkemeier, who has put in stints at (512) Brewing, Live Oak Brewing and Uncle Billy’s on the lake.

According to a press release issued today, “Located in a state-of-the-art brewing facility in the heart of the Hill Country, Oasis, Texas Brewing Co. is poised to charm beer fans with artfully crafted beers both in cans and on draft.”

The brewery plans to have three year round beers–a kellerbier, an American pale ale and a hoppy English style session ale, available by June.

“We’re going to focus on having a core group of canned session beers,” Tielkemeier told Bitch Beer. “I’m a real sucker for classic flavors, so there won’t be much novelty to what we do. Just straightforward beer. I really love dry, flavorful, low-alcohol beers that allow you to have more than one, and that’s what the core three, the “all-year beers,” will focus on.”-1

But the brewery does plan to branch out from the core three down the line.

“Eventually we’ll roll out another line, one that involves bigger beers, barrel aging, specialty styles,” Tielkemeier said. “But, at the beginning we’ll be cranking out chug-worthy classics.”

While the brewery will be taking advantage of new state laws to operate under a brewpub license, much like Hops & Grain and Jester King, it will function more like a traditional production brewery with a taproom.

The brewery will also feature an adjacent events space called The Mansfield. According to the press release, The Mansfield “offers famous views from the highest peak on the lake, inside and outside spaces, and a full commercial catering kitchen suitable for the largest weddings, charitable events and corporate parties.”

While the Mansfield will open in February, Tielkemeier hopes to be brewing at Oasis by April to meet the June release goal.

“I’m terribly excited to serve the state that I love with quality beer, and I can’t wait to raise a glass with the community once we’re up and running,” Tielkemeier said.


1 Comment on Oasis, Texas Brewing to Open in Former Uncle Billy’s Lake Space

  1. Steve Atx // July 7, 2014 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    We thought Uncle Billy’s would make it, and a combination of terrible service, almost the worst service really, along with a weak menu of poor quality food along with not having beers on tap that we liked killed the place.

    I wish all the best to these guys would love to have a place near by we could love and call our own… and without food, and with a short beer list it is going to be tough. Truly having a top notch place is required to draw traffic, I guess they are hoping for revenue to be driven by sales in stores and other pubs.

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