Rabbit Hole Brewing hosts grand opening in Justin, TX

In a small town not far from the hulking Texas Motor Speedway, craft beer fans can now find a Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Hole Brewing held its grand opening at their brewing facility in Justin, Texas, this past Saturday. (For those of you not from/in North Texas, Justin is right outside Denton.) As you may have guessed, much of the brewery’s beers and decor are inspired by English playwright Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” And with everything from purple walls to rabbits to watches on the taps, the brewer’s have definitely embraced their whimsical namesake.

The brewery’s two beers are already available in various locations around North Texas, and both make a strong first impression. For now, the beers are only available on tap, but rumor has it that canned distribution might be just around the corner. And as with any new brewery, the facility is fairly small. Luckily, in Justin, there’s nothing but room for expansion.

Rapture, a brown ale, is an American interpretation of an English favorite. Toasty, malty, and a little bitter, the beer is full-bodied, but it’s not enough to stop you from going back for a second one.

Their second brew, Mike Modano’s 561, is a kolsch-style beer made to honor, you guessed it, Mike Modano. In his career, Modano made 561 career goals, the most of any U.S.-born hockey player. Modano, who is also a part-owner, worked with Rabbit Hole Brewing to develop a German pilsner with noble hops, which made for a crisp, fresh beer with an almost impossibly gold color.

Rabbit Hole Brewing’s third brew will be an English IPA titled “10/6.” The Mad Hatter may have inspired the name, but the beer is expected to be classy enough for any tea party. According to Rabbit Hole‘s website, the IPA will use winter barley and three different English hops. The IPA is expected to be released soon, but the anticipation is enough to drive one “hopping” mad (Sorry).

Saturday’s grand opening was suprisingly intimate, partly due to the fact limited advance tickets sold out almost immediately. There was just enough room for everyone to have a seat, listen to the musical stylings of The Driftin Outlaw Band, and sample some BBQ sauce. The day also a family affair;co-founder Laron Cheek’s daughter was selling Girl Scout cookies, making for some interesting food pairings. (Rapture and Samoas? Yum.)

But future visitors shouldn’t expect those brewery tours to stay intimate for long. This Saturday’s brew tour will have tickets available at the door, with no set limit on the number of guests, so don’t be surprised if it’s a long fall on the way down to the Rabbit Hole.

To see more pictures from the big day, check out the photo galley below!

All photos courtesy of Tristan Hallman.



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