The NFL becomes aware of the craft beer industry… to send a cease and desist to West Flanders Brewing Company

West-Flanders-Brett-on-the-Broncos-AFC-Champion-Style-AleHey there sports fans! The super bowl is right around the corner. And while we can look forward to a sequel to last year’s Budwieser ad “Brotherhood” featuring a 10-week old puppy and a Clydesdale titled (you guessed it) “Puppy Love”, and a sick-ass throw down between two brobdingnagians of athletic talent, there is NO WAY the NFL is going to stand for no craft brewery no where in this great nation putting a spin on the name of one of the four teams still locked in battle for the Lombardi Trophy. Check out how the drama  between the National Football League and Colorado brewery West Flanders Brewing Co. unfolds.

“Much to our surprise, we’ve just received a cease & desist letter from the legal department of the National Football League regarding our new Brett On the Broncos beer. No joke.

The letter from the NFL says West Flanders Brewing is “… engaging in unauthorized promotional use of the NFL Marks (including inter alia, the AFC word mark and the Denver Broncos word mark and color combination) in connection with the promotion of your business…”

Of course, we don’t know what inter alia means. Nor did we think anything about the name would bother the NFL. But we are certainly big fans of the Denver Broncos, the AFC, and the colors blue and orange.

Furthermore, West Flanders Brewing (at 1125 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado, for more details visit ) doesn’t want to offend any of those important NFL properties.

We also have the highest respect for the legal department of the NFL, and we want to amicably resolve this matter “by January 18″ so we can enjoy the game that afternoon.

So West Flanders management has contacted the NFL and told them we’ll work up a new name for Brett on the Broncos.

In the meantime, anyone with suggestions for a new name for the beer can post their suggestions at

To avoid offending anyone else, we’re inviting the players and coaches from the NFL’s Massachusetts-based professional football team to a complimentary West Flanders Brewing meal, with West Flanders beers included. The team-only meal is scheduled for 1-4 PM MST this Sunday.

We hope to see the entire team at our place. We’ll have a special seat reserved for Josh McDaniels (next to special guest Jay Cutler), and West Flanders Brewing hoodies for the entire coaching staff.

Until then: Go Wild or Only Partially Tamed Horses of the Western US Plains!”

We hope the dinner goes swimmingly, albeit we are seriously jealous not to be partaking. But we can get past it. What’s good sportmanship for, anyhow?


2 Comments on The NFL becomes aware of the craft beer industry… to send a cease and desist to West Flanders Brewing Company

  1. I usually side with the little guy on these things, but that is a pretty blatant use of the Broncos team name to sell beer, positioned right in the height of their popularity/Super Bowl run. What did they expect?

  2. I can see that point, but it appeared that naming the beer came from a place of loyalty and fandom rather than from a place of malice or personal gain. In that case, you hate to see a brewery get slapped on the wrists for showing their team spirit.

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