The Beerists podcast wins Best Food/Drink Podcast in Ninth Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards for Second Year

logoFor the second year in a row, Austin based The Beerists podcast won in the Ninth Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards held in Las Vegas on January 5th. The Beerists took the award for Best Food/Drink Podcast, beating out other popular podcasts about noshing like Alcohollywood, The Splendid Table, and Dining with Doug and Karen.

If you are one of the thousands of Beerist listeners, this comes as little surprise. The irreverent crew, comprised of John Rubio, Anastacia Kelly, Grant Davis, Mike Lambert, and a rotating roster of guests, has been dedicated to tasting craft beer since the podcast was launched in May of 2012. Actually, their dedication began long before that. John Rubio set off on his craft beer journey in 1994. That was at the beginning of the first Clinton Administration and a full year before Lion King came out on the big screen, folks. Anastacia Kelly helps manage Austin craft beer Mecca The Whip In, and Mike Lambert has organized and hosted the Austin BeerAdvocate tasting for the past six years. Grant Davis, also sometimes homebrews, too!!

The Beerists’ knowledge, humor and antics invite both the beer connoisseur and the beer novice alike to not only appreciate the nuanced experience of drinking craft beer, but also fuck around with friends while doing it. Loosely themed episodes share the cast’s unfiltered observations and opinions – expert or otherwise – while they taste an array of beers. Show topics include beer styles, regions, breweries, and taste challenges, ranging from six sour beers in a session to blind tasting episodes to a show about accessible summer beers.

The People’s Choice Podcast awards, begun in 2005, is a listener-driven annual set of awards given to podcasts from a variety of categories based on topic. Podcasts are nominated by listeners and then graded by Podcast Connect and 22 volunteer listeners based on a set of criteria including quality of sound, quality of delivery and web site design. The top 10 podcasts in each category are then announced back to listeners, who can vote for their favorites once a day for a 15-day voting period. Upwards of 350,000 people vote annually in the final voting period. On January 5th in Las Vegas, NV during the Podcast Award ceremony, it was announced that The Beerists had won for a second year in a row marking the first time since 2006 for a podcast to win twice in a row in that category.

The Beerists is an independent, self-funded podcast, with additional support from its loyal listeners. New episodes can be heard every Friday afternoon on, iTunes and Stitcher.

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