GRAFF(T): Upcoming Collaboration from Seattle Cider, Two Beers Brewing, & New Belgium

Grafft-LabelIn an interesting and sure to be delicious match up, Two Beers Brewing, New Belgium and Seattle Cider Company have teamed up to brew a new collaboration that sounds like a match made in hoppy heaven.

Named GRAFF(T), a nod to the style of beer as well as the process of bonding a shoot from one plant to another, the beer utilizes Pilsner malt and Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin  hop varieties as well as unfermented apple juice from Seattle Cider to create a nice blending of two styles of beer. See where grafting comes into play? Eh? Coming in at 7.3% ABV, it has a dry, citrus-y finish and a brite, effervescent bite throughout. Although labeled as an India Pale Lager with apple must, the team of brewers were looking to create a hoppy cidery graff style of beverage.

“A graff is an exciting new style we’ve been keeping our eye on and have been dying to create,” said Lindsay Guerdrum, brewer for New Belgium Brewing. “With the recent launch of Seattle Cider Company and their exceptional approach to craft cider, plus their connection with Two Beers Brewing, we saw the opportunity for a unique partnership and more importantly, a beer unlike any other.”

On January 12, the beer will be made available to the citizens of Seattle in 22-oz bottles. And, of course, what’s a bottle release without a few parties for us beer fanatics to attend? Less awesome. That’s what. Luckily, the folks at Two Beers, New Belgium, and Seattle Cider have us covered.

Sunday, January 12: Two Beers & New Belgium are having a brewer’s dinner at The Sixgill at 6PM where they will debut GRAFF(T) with a five course dinner. The dishes will be paired with rare, barrel aged and sour beers as well as ciders from both of the breweries. Tickets are available in advance for $60 and you can reserve your spot by calling (206) 466-2846. You can also find more information at The Sixgill’s website.

Tuesday, January 14: From 3-8 PM, Two Beers, Seattle Cider, and New Belgium will be at The Woods tasting room to release GRAFF(T). They will also have samples from both breweries and cider from Seattle Cider.

Wednesday, January 15: At 7PM, Latona Pub is hosting a brewer’s night with Two Beers, Seattle Cider, and New Belgium. You can enjoy a rare beer from the breweries and cidery while chatting with the brewers. There will even be giveaways! I hope one of the prizes is a huge case of GRAFF(T)!

Check out some of these events if you live in Seattle or if you’re visiting beautiful Washington state! You can be sure to catch a couple Bitch Beer ladies checking out the brew as well. Also, be sure to pick up a bottle at retailers throughout Seattle including Whole Foods, QFC, PCC, Central Markets and more.


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