Jester King to release farmhouse ale refermented with Atrial Rubicite raspberries January 3rd

720If you are familiar with Atrial Rubicite, read that headline one more time. That’s right. The Jester King brewers took the raspberries from batch one of Atrial Rubicite and put them into a brand new beer they are calling La Vie en Rose. Then, they let the whole thing hang out for two months (that’s on top of the month the base beer fermented with Jester King’s house blend of yeasts, some Brettanomyces yeast, wild yeasts from the land, and some souring bacteria for good measure). The result is a pale, dry farmhouse ale coming in at 6.2% that promises plenty of pucker.

Its safe to assume beer-drinkers are curious to see what the refermentation of the fruit will do to the beer. Brasserie Cantillon uses a similar process of second fruit extraction in the making of its Kriek. Any beer drinker worth their salt in sour know-how can tell you Cantillon isn’t a bad place to look for inspiration.

Also inspired is Jester King’s artist Josh Cockrell’s connection between his label art, La Vie en Rose, and social gender constraints. “La Vie En Rose” is a French colloquialism meaning “life as seen through rose-colored lenses.” Cockrell applies the colloquialism to  the apathetic attitude society has toward gender equality. He writes:

Jester-King-La-Vie-en-Rose-Farmhouse-Ale-label “It speaks firstly to a mainstream ignorance of viewing what progress has been made as a confirmation that the struggle for gender equality is over or nonexistent, i.e. viewing the current gender equality climate through rose colored lenses. The literal translation transmits the idea of containment of the female role in society, and on a larger scale the burden of gender and beauty constructs. The color pink itself is a great and obvious example of gender confinement. I love that while drinking this beer you have the physical experience of rose colored lenses giving you a reminder again to reflect on the topic.”

Great beer artwork and an awareness about the ongoing battle still waging toward gender equality? Cheers to that! Thirsty brew-lovers can contemplate their feelings on the gender equality climate while they sip on Friday, January 3rd. Jester King will be tapping a firkin of the pink pick-me-up at 5:00 PM in their tasting room. Also available for sipping, the new Ambree, an ale done in the style of a French Flanders ale. This tart amber made it’s debut at Austin Beer Guide’s winter release party at ABGB last month, but if you weren’t able to grab a glass, it is pouring on draught in the tasting room.

Want bottles of either of these tasty libations? They will be available in January or February as soon as label printing is completed which is music to our ears. We are going to want a couple rose-colored glasses of these brews.


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