12 Brews of Christmas – Day 6: Alaskan Smoked Porter

alaskan_smoked_porter_lgIt’s day six in our 12 Brews of Christmas series, and we can’t think of a better beer to round out the first half with than this annual beauty–Alaskan Brewing Company’s Smoked Porter.

Smokey and robust, yet still skillfully balanced and nuanced, Smoked Porter is the kind of beer that can sit well with smokey beer fiends and the sizable contingency of smoked beer resistant folks alike.

Smoked with Alaskan alder wood, and brewed using glacier-fed water from the Juneau Ice Field, this beer truly pays homage to America’s little slice of the North Pole. (Alaska is totally Santa’s North Pole because they have reindeer there, right?…’Merica.)

While this beer is delicious fresh, buying a couple bottles up for cellaring each year can lead to a tremendous vertical tasting experience. This year, we sampled some delectably developed bottles from as far back as 2004. With time, the smoke, though still present, fades to give way to a more rounded flavor. Fun Fact, Alaskan Smoked Porter was actually first developed in 1988, so…if anyone can find a vintage from that year, let us know about it.

Alaskan Smoked Porter is available each winter in bottles and on draft. It’s best enjoyed fire side while wearing some cozy long johns and petting your pet reindeer.


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