Adirondack Brewery features local sports enthusiasts in new packaging design

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 4.51.22 PMIt’s the season of giving, and one brewery in Lake George, New York is honoring local outdoor enthusiasts this season by featuring their visages on the brewery’s packaging.

Adirondack Brewery has recently revamped the packaging for it’s 12-pack Mix collections to feature fearless and passionate sports enthusiasts, dedicated to challenging the forces of nature in the Adirondacks, for their own personal best. The 12-packs have been coined “Adirondack Challengers.”

“The Brewery has always wrapped its image with tales and stories about Adirondack history,” states Linda Wohlers, Creative Director. “Now, we are fast-forwarding into the present to celebrate actual people who have a passion for getting out into the mountains and on the rivers to challenge mother-nature. Not for glory, but because it’s there and they are going to do it.”Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 4.50.59 PM

The Fall Challenge Mix collections features Adirondack Brewery favorites including their award-winning Dirty Blonde Ale, Bear Naked Ale, Beaver Tail Brown Ale and a mystery ale. The Adirondack Challengers featured on the case include Robert Livingston, a rock-climbing guide from Lake George, NY, Jaime Murphy, a whitewater rafting guide from Queensbury, NY and Scott Arno, a rock-climbing enthusiast from Potsdam, NY.

For the Winter Challenger, slated to debut near the end of December, the Brewery chose to feature Ron Konowitz, an avid backcountry skier from Keene New York, who is President and founder of Adirondack Powder Skier Association Inc. Ron was the first person known to free ski All 46 Adirondack High Peak Mountains, and is also the wilderness rescue coordinator for the Keene and Keene Valley fire departments. A retired fifth-grade teacher at Keene Central School, Ron recently awarded by Governor Andrew Cuomo for his Tropical Storm Irene volunteer efforts as a Keene Valley firefighter and a volunteer coordinator for the town of Keene’s Hurricane Irene Recovery Team.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 4.50.45 PMAdirondack Brewery Fall and Winter Challenge cases are available for purchase at Adirondack Brewery and distributed to 35 counties throughout New York State. Although the ladies of Bitch Beer are unlikely to open any Adirondack Challengers this Christmas, we appreciate breweries like Adirondack showcasing some of the people in their communities that make them great. It’s a holiday tale we can all raise a glass to.


If you’d like to find out more about Adirondack Challengers and the sports nuts that inspired them, check it out here.

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