12 Brews of Christmas – Day 2: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

sierra_nevada_celebration_6_bottlesDecember 25th sneaks closer each day, but if you haven’t gotten prepped for it, fret not. Take a load off and relax as we highlight seasonal beers that are warming our hearts and hearths before the holidays.

We kicked off our 12 Brews of Christmas series yesterday with Boulevard’s Nutcracker Ale, a wet-hopped winter warmer. Today, on the second day of Christmas, we are spotlighting the well-loved fresh hopped Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Celebration is an American IPA fresh-hopped with Centennial, Chinook, and Cascade hops balanced with two-row pale and carmel malts. The effects of the carmel malts can be seen and smelled as the beer is poured, and the fresh hops taste like grapefruit and pine with an even bitterness and clean finish. At 6.8% ABV, this IPA can certainly start to keep you warm in the winter while still reminding you of the smell of fresh hops.

Sierra Nevada doesn’t begin brewing this yearly release until the necessary hops are harvested in the fall. In order to be called “fresh-hopped” the beer needs to be made with hops that have been harvested and dried in as short a time as possible before the brewing process begins. Typically this lands right in the seven day window. Once Celebration Ale is out the door, however, this beer is widely available in 12 oz bottles and on draft throughout November and December. Do yourself a favor and drink up while the getting’s good on this one. And be sure to check in tomorrow as we continue the countdown to a drunkenly Merry Christmas.


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