Wright Bros. Brew & Brew Grand Opening Today

601511_351965474908932_2031921498_nWhether you’re looking to close out your weekend with a few great beers…or you’re seeking a quality cup of coffee to help you chase away the few too many beers you had yesterday at Texas Craft Brewers Festival, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew, celebrating its official grand opening today, will have plenty of both.

“Our concept is relatively simple,” Brew & Brew Co-Owner Grady Wright said. “We are striving to serve coffee and beer in the best way possible with equal emphasis on both products. The goal of our shop is to properly convey the hard work of both craft beer brewers and specialty coffee roasters. They’ve busted their asses to create amazing products and we couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t serve them the way they intended.”

Brew & Brew is taking over the old Progress Coffee space on East 5th st. and has been “soft open” for the last couple weeks while waiting on the permits to fully operate. Now that they’re firing on all cylinders, they have some great brews lined up for the grand opening, including: Southern Tier Warlock, Real Ale Scots Gone Wild, Austin Beerworks Wet Hop Heavy Machinery and more.

“I, personally, am so incredibly excited to see how people react to our beer selections,” Grady said. “As a new bar, I know that we don’t have the clout to get a lot of special or limited-release kegs, but I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of great beer people who helped us assemble a list that is both approachable and exotic simultaneously.”

Of course, this includes a solid local lineup.

“We made an intentional effort to keep a solid core of recognizable beers (e.g. Hops & grain Alt-eration, Austin Beerworks Peacemaker) but we definitely haven’t forgotten the appetite for new, hard-to-find and unusual beers in the craft beer community.”

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew is located at 500 San Marcos St., Suite 105. Grand opening festivities run until midnight tonight. For more information on the grand opening, check out their Facebook event.


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