Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release ’13 at Freetail Brewing Saturday, Sept. 21

bat_unblurredWhen events boasting super limited releases of exceptional beer appear out of Freetail Brewing, it’s not uncommon for droves of Austinites to make the trek down I-35 to San Antonio in the wee hours of the morning to grab a couple bottles. This weekend promises even more bottled boozy goodness as Freetail is releasing no less than three different styles at the Super Mega Awesome Bottle Release ’13  Saturday September 21st.

Freetail will release an American wild ale with cherries called Salado Kriek, this year’s Woodicus, another wild ale based from their Witicus double rye Wit and aged in wine barrels from Llano Estacado Vineyards, and this year’s batch of Bandito wild ale, a funky derivative of Outlaw McCaw, an American dark wheat ale aged in Texas wine barrels. Freetail has offered up 200 bottles of both the Woodicus and the Bandito going for $11 a bottle (two per person for each beer) and 700 bottles of Salado Kriek for the thirsty public ringing up at $12 a bottle (limit of four per person).

With such a limited release, Freetail has put some rules in place to make things run smoother. Patrons can arrive at the brewpub starting at 8:00 AM to pick up colored numbered wristbands. At 10:30 AM, the staff will begin calling up groups of wristband holders based by the color and number they were assigned. After all of the people with wristbands have had an opportunity to buy their allotment, any excess bottles will be sold in the same order and fashion as the 1st round of sales, but don’t bank on bottles remaining if you show up late.

To keep the crowd from getting too rowdy before the sale starts, Freetail also hosts a bottle share, so make sure you bring a couple cool bottles to pass around to kill the time between 8:00 am and 10:30 am. However, watch what you open! There is a strict end to the share at 10:50 am, and believe me when I say there is nothing sadder than watching half-full bottles of limited release or retired beers get poured out and thrown away. I highly encourage bringing extra glasses just in case! In either case, the event promises to be fairly funky and undoubtedly super mega awesome! For more details, check out Freetail’s marketing for the event below or check out their blog post.

– Sarah



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