Bitch Beer Does Dallas—I mean, Seattle!

That’s right. I’ve packed my bags and moved away—far away. Like “across the country” away to Seattle, Washington.

Luckily, I’ve moved to an area of the United States that 1)has a pretty solid beer culture and 2)has brewery, beer bars, and bottle shops within walking distance of my house. Score.

Since I got to Seattle, I’ve mostly been dipping my toes in the beer scene’s metaphorical waters and seeing what it’s all about. The hardest part has been remembering that I can’t visit/drink old favorites like Hops & Grain, Whip In, or Thirsty Planet. But I’ve found a few places that may just fill that hole that Austin beer held in my heart. Here’s a brief list of the places I’ve hit since the big move:

Fremont Brewing Co.


Dark Star w/ Hazelnut and Smoked Peppercorn by Fremont Brewing Co.

Situated in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Fremont Brewing Co. brews up some pretty fantastic beers that I seem to keep coming back to. Their Summer Ale has been a staple in my house since I got here and I’ll be sad to see it go as we move into the wet Seattle winter.

I visited their beer garden a few weeks back because they had a Randall that infused their Interurban IPA with lavendar and grapefruit. Unfortunately, I was unable to get there in time to savor it but I did get a glass of their Dark Star w/ Hazelnut and Smoked Peppercorn. After sip #1, this beer promptly joined the ranks of (512)’s Pecan Porter on my “Top 5 Favorite Dark Beers” list. It was like dessert in a glass and a smooth experience. Even my boyfriend, who doesn’t really enjoy dark beers, kept stealing tastes of Dark Star.


With a bar in the back and wall-to-wall shelves and fridges full of beer, Bottleworks has a similar feel to Whip In (minus the delicious Indian food). They have a bar with around 16 regularly rotating taps and enough beer to make any beer nerd waste half the day trying to decide on what to get. You can also get a keg of practically anything. Their extensive list contains craft favorites like 21st Amendment, Deschutes, Elysian, and Left Hand.

They have some of the friendliest staff who will answer any and all questions and provide recommendations even when you tell them you like practically everything. Also, the fact that it’s walking distance from my house makes it even more appealing and I plan on stopping by as often as my wallet allows.

Whole Foods

Yup. You did read that correctly. The Whole Foods near my house has an insane beer selection. As one worker told me, “The head of our department is a total beer nerd.” They have stuff that you would only expect to find in the specialty shops. I went there recently to get some ingredients for dinner and ended up getting stuck in the beer section for about 30 minutes as I tried to figure out what beer I was going to buy. I was in the beer aisle so long that I made friends with the guy stocking the shelves and ate too many samples of the truffle cheese they put out.

They have beers from Hair of the Dog, The Bruery, and they even have rare beers and older batches along with gift packs from various breweries. They also have a gigantic display for Elysian’s pumpkin beers and an Elysian pumpkin beer assortment box that I am definitely, definitely grabbing on my next grocery trip.

So expect to see more Seattle-based news comin’ atcha! There’s a lot of beer events coming up including Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival (or, as I like to call it, “The Festival That Feeds My Intense Love For Pumpkin Beer”).


1 Comment on Bitch Beer Does Dallas—I mean, Seattle!

  1. I just moved to Seattle, too! 😀

    I can’t make the beer fest but can I recommend Pike’s Black Octopus IPA and Elysian’s Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, which is my new favorite pumpkin beer.

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