Brooklyn’s Floyd Beer Cheese comes to Austin

1044216_10151669937712010_514496019_nBorn from an old Kentucky recipe and perfected in a bocce ball filled Brooklyn beer hall in 2004, Austin-dwellers can now look forward to snatching up some delicious beer cheese from Floyd Eats.

Available in mid-September at Central Market locations across town as part of the grocery’s Brewniversity event, Floyd Beer Cheese has us salivating in anticipation. Founder Jim Carden and his crew graciously sent a couple samples down for a few of the gals to try (complete with crackers!). I am ashamed to report, we made exceedingly short work of the sharp cheddary spreads.

Floyd’s provides three varieties of the savory spread: a smokey original with pimento, a spicy jalapeno that is fresh and peppery and a sweet, meaty bacon beer cheese. We paired them with sliced baguette and a couple bottles of beer (Bell’s Oberon and Two Hearted ales and Dark Horse Brewing’s Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock, to be exact) for a scrumptious and hearty brunch.

Central Market kicks off their Brewniversity “semester” this Wednesday, September 11th so get your hands on some of the cheesy goods as soon as possible! If you need extra incentive, we will be hanging out at the Lamar location Thursday, September 12th for their sip and stroll event selling copies of our book. For those readers not in Austin, you can also purchase Floyd’s online. However you get your hands on some Floyd’s, you’ll be pleased with your boozy condiment!


2 Comments on Brooklyn’s Floyd Beer Cheese comes to Austin

  1. “Meaty Bacon Beer Cheese” sounds amazing!

  2. I love Beer with Cheese it has such great flavours that go together. Forget your cheese and Wine. Bring me Beer and Cheese!!

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