Dallas Love Project Kickoff Party at Deep Ellum Brewing

20130815-152257.jpgIf you’re in the Dallas area tonight and finding yourself in need of some Thirsty Thursday plans, head over to Deep Ellum Brewery for the Dallas Love Project Kickoff Party.

This November marks the 50th anniversary of the assasination of President John F. Kennedy, which left a long-lasting scar on the city of Dallas. The Dallas Love Project is an art collection that will be scattered across the city featuring “works of unconditional love” as a way of paying tribute.

50 percent of all proceeds raised tonight will go to fund the project, which will be debuting on Sept. 21 through Nov. 22

A ticket will get you three beers, a tour of Deep Ellum’s ever-expanding brewery, and a “Love Runs Deep” pint glass. Also on-site will be The Crazy Pig food truck and live music on the outdoor stage.

The whole night should be guaranteed to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over, especially if you get to try some of the Numb Comfort, their American Barleywine.

Full details on the event are located here



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