Man Behind the Motion: Interview with Trevor Carmick of Beer Labels in Motion

There’s a special place in our hearts for GIFs. Want proof? Check out this original creation.

But let’s be honest, our prowess for creating animated art pales in comparison to the talents of Trevor Carmick, creator of Beer Labels in Motion, a little Tumblr site which has been receiving big buzz lately.

Though Carmick started the site in May, it has absolutely exploded as of late. Hell, in the last week alone, Carmick’s creations have been featured on Huffington Post, Adweek, Buzzfeed and Gizmodo.

“Something happened last week where it became really popular,” Carmick said. “I’m 100 percent surprised it took off because it seems like such a simple concept. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and love craft beer.”

While the concept may be simple, a Tumblr page that features popular craft beer labels animated to come to life, not all of Carmick’s GIFs were so easy to create.

“The most challenging was the Heady Topper label,” Carmick said. “It took a lot of tries and techniques to get the explosion to seamlessly loop.”

It’s important to Carmick that the labels loop continuously, rather than reaching a stopping point and jerking back to the start. Another rule he has is that he has to drink every beer he animates, (preferably while creating the animation.) This allows him to post brief reviews of each brew along with the images, something he obviously couldn’t do without tasting the beer first.

“I really wanted to do Pollenator by Long Trail but I was late to the season and all my local stores sold out of it,” Carmick said. “So thus, I couldn’t do it this year because I wouldn’t be able to taste it and be able to write something about it. ”

While some of the images Carmick works with are promotional images, he prefers to craft his creations using original photographs.

“The Lagunitas GIF was taken on my porch and the mountain location for #9 was taken during a hike at the top of Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire,” Carmick said.

So other than an obvious love for craft beer, you may be wondering what prompted this Boston-based video editor/graphic artist, to launch the site. Well, his inspiration comes from a little brewery you may have heard of a few hundred miles down the coast in Delaware.

“A year ago I saw cinemagraphs of a Dogfish Head brew session with Sam Calagione,” Carmick said. “I thought they were so mesmerizing to watch because they looped forever. It was a still image but it was alive with movement.  I saw a beer label and I thought that same technique could be really cool.”

To see more of Carmick’s craft beer inspired GIFs, visit his site:


1 Comment on Man Behind the Motion: Interview with Trevor Carmick of Beer Labels in Motion

  1. These are really cool–definitely will follow on tumblr!

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