Upcoming North TX Festival Celebrates Canned Craft Beer

The team behind Untapped Festival, a series of festivals celebrating quality craft beer and indie music, have announced their latest North Texas festival, and this one thinks outside the bottle.

It’s called CANNED, and, as you may have guessed, the focus of the festival is to celebrate craft breweries who choose to can their beers, the benefits of which the CANNED team described in a press release today–

As the first offshoot of the Untapped Festival brand, “Canned” focuses on an incredibly effective and environmentally friendly method of packaging beer, the aluminum can. Cans are more than just the latest fad in craft beer, the packaging method prevents light from reaching the beer (preventing the tasty beverage from becoming light-struck skunked) and have a knack for keeping their seal. These two features help to keep the precious beer inside at its highest quality.  Further, aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable and their impact on the environment is remarkably less than alternate methods of packaging. Very simply, cans are craft beer eco-bliss. Educating the consumer on the canning and recycling process while maintaining our resolute focus on high quality live music and high quality craft beer is the mission of this first year fest.

CANNED_WEB_400x600The festival will be held in downtown Denton October 5 and will feature more than 50 different canned beers from more than 25 breweries. The music lineup includes MENOMENA, HELIO SEQUENCE, JOE PUG, CHAMBERS, PAGEANTRY, HARES ON THE MOUNTAIN and AM RAMBLERS.

Like the Untapped festivals before it, CANNED will have a variety of ticketing options ranging from a $17 General Admission concert ticket, to the $25 beer and concert ticket package, to the $40 VIP package which also includes early entry and free BBQ.


For more information on CANNED, and to purchase tickets, visit the festival’s website.


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