Beer of the Week: Founders Rübæus


Founders Rübæus:

    • Style: Raspberry Ale
    • Available in bottles and on draft in July and August
    • 5.7% ABV
    • Pours a beautiful ruby color
    • Sweet and tart
    • Fresh raspberries are added at five different points in the brewing process
    • 15 IBUs

This raspberry ale is perfectly suited for the warmer summer months, achieving that holy balance of satisfying sweetness with a nice tart bite.

So nice in fact, that after the first sip of Rübæus, only one thing came to mind….Need more bottles of this.

Luckily, Rübæus is already popping up on draft around Austin at places like Hopfields, and word is bottles should be arriving soon.


(Thanks to Founders for providing us with a sample to review.)

2 Comments on Beer of the Week: Founders Rübæus

  1. I haven’t seen that one yet but I’ll be on the lookout. Sounds like it could share space on the summer brew shelf of the craft beer fridge along with Dogfish Head Festina Peche (my current favorite tart summertime brew) and 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon.


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