Circle Brewing unveils Wryteous

SAM_3241The guys at Circle Brewing Co. invited beer lovers from all around the ATX out the brewery for an open house and re-release of this summer’s batch of Wryteous Rye-Wheat IPA Saturday, June 22nd.

Over 500 thirsty guests flocked to the shade of the trees and the cool brewery floor while enjoying Hops Overboard IPA, Smokin Beech Rauchbier, and of course, the man of the hour, the Wryteous Rye IPA, which is pretty damn delicious this year. It has a nice, full, flavor from the rye that balances well with the hoppy bitterness and finishes with a little citric sweetness. It’s an ideal summer companion. In fact, in the heat of the summer, it was all too likely one would blow all three drink tickets on this easy drinking savior of sorts within a few hours at the brewery.

Apart from tasting all of the Circle offerings on tap, party-goers were also able to go on self-led tours of the brewery space to check out the new equipment the guys recently brought in, buy Circle pint glasses and tasters as well as merch like shirts and hats, and chow down on the culinary offerings of “Fresh off the Truck” Asian Street Food truck.

Anyone not able to make it out to the open house should definitely search out an opportunity to grab a pint of Wryteous this summer. It’s been spotted at craft beer bars like Craft Pride, as well as other spots, but to make it easy for thirsty patrons, there is a handy locator tool on the Circle Brewing website. It’s never been so easy to plan for good beer!

We expect a lot of exciting things to come out of Circle this summer! The guys have recently doubled the staff and have some very cool things in the works. Check out some images of the Wryteous Open House.


1 Comment on Circle Brewing unveils Wryteous

  1. Ack! Missed it by three weeks! Sounds like a good time and nice brew.


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