Jeremy Hunt to take over as Head Brewer at Deep Ellum

Some big news came from Dallas today as Deep Ellum Brewing Co. has announced that they will bringing on Jeremy Hunt as their new head brewer.

Most will know Hunt from his work with Dogfish Head Brewing, where he worked as a head brewer at the height of their expansion. During his tenure, Dogfish Head went from producing 60,000 to 160,000 in four years.

Currently, Hunt is working as head brewer for Bluegrass Brewing Co. in Louisville, KY, which owns and operates three brewpubs.

Hunt will be replacing Drew Huerter, who left the company in April after two years.

A press release from founder John Reardon announced that beer fans can expect the continuation of  “an already excellent portfolio” from Hunt, but shouldn’t be surprised by “some left or right of center line beers coming down the pipeline.”

But for those who are worried about tampering with Deep Ellum’s classic IPA, have no fear. In an interview with the Dallas Observer, Hunt said, “We have to honor the feat of that recipe. It took 240 batches before they nailed it.”

Hunt will join the Deep Ellum team in Dallas early next month.


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