Pinthouse Pizza: Firkin Night

Anaheim peppers--Lovingly taken from the Pinthouse Facebook page.

Anaheim peppers–Lovingly taken from the Pinthouse Facebook page.

Though I have not yet had the joy of tasting Pinthouse’s newest mainstay, I have heard that the Burro’s Breakfast Mexican Lager is fabulous. What can make an easy-drinking summer beer even better? Peppers!! In their newest series of firkins, Pinthouse is adding all sorts of peppers into their lager. This weeks will feature fire roasted Anaheim peppers. Milder than the  last firkin’s Habaneros, Anaheim peppers may be a better option for those of you without the tolerance for spice.

Here’s the deets:
Date: TODAY! 6/18/13
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Pinthouse Pizza
What: Delicious Pepper Infused Mexican Lager


P.S. Also, they have a ton of TV’s for all of you NBA fanatics. 

P.S.S. They just tapped Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery


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  1. P.S.S.S. Holly took a couple of pretty awesome photos of me and a donkey. Email them? 🙂

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