Pinthouse Pizza releases Burro’s Breakfast Mexican Lager (W/ Photo gallery)


I don’t always drink mexican lagers, but when I do, I drink craft. Luckily a new one just arrived in Austin. This past weekend Pinthouse Pizza released their newest beer, Burro’s Breakfast, a mexican lager.

To celebrate this tasty new brew, Pinthouse threw a party like none this town has seen. That’s right: they had a miniature donkey. Pawnee the donkey left his farm for the day to hang out, wear a sombrero, pose for pictures and give his stamp of approval on Burro’s Breakfast. Pinthouse also tapped a cask of their new mexican lager infused with ghost peppers, and man, was it good. While not too overpowering, the spice lingered just long enough to really feel the heat.

Pinthouse even introduced a new pizza to welcome Burro’s Breakfast. Named El Guapo, the pizza is covered in piquillo peppers, garlic, onion, honey malt sauce, a trio of Mexican cheeses, chorizo, avocado, marinated tomatoes, cilantro cream and a habañero dipping sauce. Muy caliente!

To see all the fun at the release party, check out the photo gallery below! And don’t forget to stop in at Pinthouse Pizza over the next weeks as they continue their Burro’s Breakfast cask series with different peppers.


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