Beer(s) of the Week: Ter Dolen Kriek and Oud Bruin Editie 2012

oud bruine and kriekMixing beer is a tricky science. It’s dangerous to just open your fridge, grab a Karbach Hopadillo and Founders KBS — or whatever you have in your fridge — and mix them up. It’s probably going to be pretty gross, and it’s definitely going to be a waste of good craft beer.

That’s why I like to leave it to the professionals. A few weeks ago Christine Celis of Authentic Beverage hosted a Belgian beer tasting at the Growler Room and introduced me to a beer mix I’m kind of, sort of obsessed with right now.

At the tasting, she first had everyone try Brouwers Verzet‘s Oud Bruin Editie 2012, a super sour Flanders with a great dry finish. Then she really confused our tastebuds with Kasteelbrouwerij De Dool‘s Ter Dolan Kriek. While some sweet beers can have a sickeningly sweet, syrupy taste, the Kriek has a sweetness that is clean and pure without being overpowering.

When Celis mixed the two, it was a match made in beer heaven. Since both beers take their styles to the max, they balance each other out perfectly to make a more well-rounded, drinkable beer. It’s like drinking a tart cherry pie. And the best part is, now that Authentic Beverage is distributing both beers to Austin, you can make this glorious beer mixture anytime and however you like it.

If you’ve never tried this combo, I suggest starting out safely with a 50-50 mixture and then start experimenting. If you like it sweet, add a little more Kriek; if you like more of a kick, pour in a bit more Oud Bruin. The beers complement each other so well that it’s hard to screw it up. Happy mixing!


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