Rogness Hosts Game Night on June 7th

gamenightIf you have ever spoken to me, I have probably mentioned my extreme (and we’re talking extreme) love of board games. I have hosted a few Beers & Board Games nights myself. If you’ve never experienced the greatness that is drunken Jenga, let me tell you that board games and beers were meant for each other.

Rogness turns this perfect marriage into an awesome monthly gaming event at their brewery. This month’s game night is being held this Friday, June 7th. Tickets are $10 and include table space, some snacks, access to the brewery, and a glass to enjoy some sweet, sweet Rogness beer while you try to figure out how to play Mouse Trap, give up, and end up spending 20 minutes creating complicated traps instead of playing the actual game. Let’s face it, very few people actually play Mouse Trap.

The event is PG-13 and children are allowed to join the fun (so I’m pretty sure this means no Cards Against Humanity—pretty sure no parent wants their kid hearing the words “tentacle porn”). You can buy tickets here then dust off your board games and get your Yahtzee hand in throwing shape.


2 Comments on Rogness Hosts Game Night on June 7th

  1. FYI, your link to buy tickets is busted, I think. (-:

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