Christine Celis to Lead Belgian Beer Tasting at Growler Room


Have you ever wanted to try some good Belgian craft beer but don’t know where to start? Well, tomorrow, May 10th, Christine Celis will be sampling some beers from Belgian breweries she represents at Growler Room from 3-8 PM.

Beers include:

Castlebrewery Ter Dolan’s TER DOLAN KRIEK

“This unfiltered top-fermented beer is blended with real natural, fresh cherry juice and is made from one type of wheat and malt together with 2 kinds of hops and with the addition of coriander and orange peel. This Kriek beer is 4.5% alc/vol.”

Castlebrewery Ter Dolan’s ARMAND TER DOLEN

“This Ale is very aromatic due to its dry-hopping usage of the American hop “Cascade” where the nose is fruity with grapefruit and citrus and the taste is dominated by well-balanced hop notes. This unfiltered Ale is 7% alc/vol and therefore slightly hazy.”

Brewery Lupus’s WOLF 9

“Is an amber colored Ale with a dense, thick head. The Ale has a fruity aroma where some banana and apricot are present. The aftertaste is full bodied with sweet, warm notes and a great punch of alcohol. This Ale is well-balanced with an 8.9% alc/vol.”

Brewery Les 3 Fourquets’s LUPULUS ALE

“A Blond Ale with significant amounts of hops particularly coming from Belgium.
This Ale is unfiltered and not pasteurized but aged in the Champagne bottle and in casks. It has a rich aroma where you can smell the goodness of the hops.
A well-balanced Belgian ale of 8.5% alc/vol.”

Brewery Prearis’s QUADRUPEL ALE

“It’s a dark, complex and well-balanced Ale.
Pours with a opaque deep burgundy rich color with a frothy, creamy off white head.
Uses 7 malts with 2 of them being chocolate malt, 3 hops varieties, special blend of 4 herbs, candi sugar and special yeast – with a pinch of Belgian devilry thrown in.
This strong Ale has a whooping 10% alc/vol.
Our wickedly, little bottle of treasure.”

Brewery Prearis’s PEARIS SAISON

“Pearis Saison is a deep golden Ale brewed with Amarillo and Cacade hops.
The aroma is malty with some citrus notes and a nice slightly hoppy nose.
This Saison is 6% alc/vol which is expected from a Belgian Saison.”

Brouwers Verzet’s OUD BRUIN

“This beer style “Oud Bruin” is originally from Flanders Belgium.
Matured in oak wine barrels for at least one year and get blended right before bottling with young “Oud Bruin” to get the complex taste of this unique beer.
For the first fermentation, they use a top fermented yeast, second fermentation happens in the oak barrels done by wild yeast like brettanomyces and lactobacillus.
This beer is 5.5% alc/vol.”

(Spoiler alert: I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy that Oud Bruin.) For more information or questions, you can check out the Facebook event here.


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