10 More American Breweries We Wish Distributed to Texas

GABF35Last summer, we wrote a little post declaring 10 breweries we would like to see distribute to Texas. While revisiting it today, it was exciting to see that in less than a year’s time, three of the breweries we chose (Firestone Walker, Founders and Goose Island) are now readily available here in the Lonestar state. There are even rumors of one or two others on that list making it here before year’s end.

After a year of bottle shares, beer festivals and travels, we definitely have some new favorites to add. So, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 more breweries whose beer we’d like to see available here. Hell, maybe history will repeat itself and a year from now a handful of them will show up on our shelves.

Here we go…

1. Odell: When the folks at Odell announced a brewhouse expansion last fall, they hinted that Texas was on the top of the list for expanded distribution in 2014. Things have been pretty quiet ever since, so no word on if/ when they will expand beyond their current 10 state territory. Until then, Austin is lucky to have former Odell head brewer Joe Mohrfeld making magic over at Pinthouse Pizza.

2. Cigar City: From Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin to Cucumber Saison, Tampa’s Cigar City makes some really delicious, inventive brews….definitely pick some up on your next trip to the beach Harry Potter Land.

3. New Glarus: Only available in Wisconsin, the idea of getting New Glarus here in Texas is definitely a pipe dream, but after one sip of Rasberry Tart, you’ll be dreaming too.

4. Ninkasi: Named for the Sumerian goddess of beer, Ninkasi’s brews are so great you’ll probably think you’ve found religion or something. For now though, it’s an exclusively Western privilege, with distribution to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana and California. Next time you’re in that neck of the woods, pick up a Tricerahops Double IPA.

5. Port Brewing Co./ Lost Abbey: The Lost Abbey line at GABF rivaled those of the big boys like Russian River and Firestone Walker. And, for good reason, in 2012 alone they took home three medals, including a gold for Devotion.

6. The Bruery: Some people are most familiar with The Bruery for their confusing name when said aloud 12 Days/Years of Christmas Series. This year’s release was 5 Golden Rings, a Belgian Golden brewed with pineapple, cinnamon, allspice and ginger. Christmalicious.

7. Funkwerks: Known for their flagship Saison, and well, let’s face it, a bunch of other tasty saisons, Fort Collins’ based Funkwerks has really made a name for itself since opening in 2011. While their regular saison is world class, one of their more interesting beers is Tropic King. This 8% abv imperial saison is brewed with New Zealand Rakau hops, giving it a uniquely fruity, gingery, peppery flavor.

8. Surly Brewing: My first taste of a Surly brew came with a bottle of Pentagram at a Hi Hat Public House bottle share last month (thanks William!) The American wild ale is equal parts funky and sour and 100 percent delicious.

9. Sun King: Hailing from the land of Nascar and Three Floyds, Indiana-based Sun King Brewing knocks it out of the park with their canned concoctions. I definitely recommend their highly lauded mainstay, Osiris Pale Ale.

10. Sweet Water: A personal favorite from my home state of Georgia, imagine how apropos it would be to throw back Sweet Water’s 420 Extra Pale Ale ’round 4:20 at the Whip In.

Our last post included Russian River, Bell’s, Troegs, Terrapin, Firestone Walker, Founders, Jolly Pumpkin, The Alchemist, Three Floyd’s and Goose Island (RIP). What breweries do you want to see distributing to Texas?


3 Comments on 10 More American Breweries We Wish Distributed to Texas

  1. Great list!! New Glarus is one of the beers I greatly miss about not living in Madison, WI since moving down here 5 years ago. Always make sure to bring some back when we are up there visiting friends and family. 🙂

  2. I love Jolly Pumpkin and Founders! (and all Michigan beers). I just moved to the Pacific Northwest, so I’ll look for the Ninkasi.

  3. bringdrinks // August 1, 2013 at 9:29 am // Reply

    I second Cigar City. I’m from Florida, and their brews have improved exponentially over the past few years. They’ve also done some collaborations with one of my favorite breweries, Green Flash.

    Looks like Goose Island is here now, but I’m glad you mentioned Bell’s last time. They’re the brewery I miss most now that I live in Texas.

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